An exciting time arrives for COAST Autonomous (COAST), which announced on 9 July 2019 that it had been selected by the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) to provide autonomous vehicle (AV) service in New Clark City during the upcoming Southeast Asian Games this year.

The athletes participating in the Games will be ferried on electric COAST P-1 Self-Driving Shuttles, proudly showcasing the future of urban transportation. The shuttles will serve routes connecting the athletes’ village, aquatic centre and athletics stadium.

Philippines is making a great start as host, being the first major international sporting event to offer the luxury of AV services to its some 8,750 athletes hailing from 11 countries.

Each of these P-1 shuttles features a capacity of up to 20 passengers, depending on the seating configuration. They are designed to operate safely in a variety of traffic settings, such as pedestrian areas, mixed traffic or on a dedicated lane.

This makes the P-1 shuttle the perfect solution for multiple types of travel in an area such as New Clark City. It can function as a connector between venues or to existing public transportation, making commute much more convenient for the SEA Games athletes.

COAST Autonomous is about the best you can get. An established software and technology company, they are focused on delivering AV solutions at appropriate speeds for both urban and campus environments. COAST has embarked on a mission to build communities through their streamlined mobility solutions that put people first above all. They hold the centrepiece of the transportation industry as one of the fastest and most profound companies that can impact the transportation and logistics industries worldwide. COAST has a full stack of Autonomous Vehicle (AV) software in their repertoire that features advanced functions such as mapping and localization, robotics and artificial intelligence (AI), fleet management as well as supervision systems.

Vivencio Dizon, President & CEO of BCDA, wishes not to let this rare opportunity of hosting the SEA Games go to waste. By providing AV transport for the athletes, Philippines can showcase their advancements in technology and their vision of a modern, smart and green metropolis. Determined not to let the traffic problems in the city continue, these new shuttles are believed to begin to turn the tide by reducing congestion and making the cities truly the people’s.